Doctor Stephen Ferguson- Over- active thyroid hormones treated

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson after struggling with Graves disease for some time.  Graves disease is a condition where my thyroid level is over-active and produce too much thyroid hormones.  As a result of that, in my situation, it caused problems such as headaches, migraines, and dizziness, loss of appetite, changes in body temperature- hot and cold, constant tiredness.  It even affected my eyes too! My vision became blurred and felt uncomfortable in the eyes. I never walked out of my home without my sunglasses.  My eyes were sensitive to light, even when there was no sun, they were dry and felt very uncomfortable.  Sometimes I had to focus to really see or read because at times, my vision became very blurry.   I visited the doctors and hospital many times.  I was prescribed medication and eye drops to reduce my eye discomfort.  I read about the illness to help me understand and cope with it.  I read that it is an “autoimmune” disease where the body attacks itself, in my situation; it was attacking my thyroid glands and my eyes.

I felt like I was losing control of myself at times which made me feel helpless.  I lost my appetite, I couldn’t control my weight, it was swinging but losing more weight.  Most of the times, I was tired and felt no energy to do things, even simple things.  Concentration became a problem and gave up doing things very quickly.  I went back to see the doctors several times, eventually suggested radioactive iodine as a last resort to reduce my thyroid gland.  The downside to this is a possibility of thyroid under activity, another condition to live with!  I didn’t want to accept that!

I am so glad to have gone to see Doctor Ferguson.  He did a live blood test and put me on a supervised health programme.  I feel so much better, my weight is better, I’ve gained my appetite back, my dizziness and tiredness have gone.  I have the motivation to exercise.  My energy is so much better.

I am happier now and looking forward to better health with hope and results from Doctor Ferguson.  Thank you for your help Doctor Ferguson.






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