Dr Stephen Ferguson- severe heart burn completely gone

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson because I was suffering from acid Reflux. I had severe heartburn especially after eating. My stomach was always bloated, felt full most of the time and this stopped me from eating some times. I also had pain in my upper abdomen. I burped non stop and it was very embarrassing for me when at work or in public places. I had on and off cough that never seemed to go away. This was very distressing and painful. I tried different antacids medications but not of much help. I thought this was the life I was meant to live, very frustrating, and very depressed.

A friend of mine had invited me to come and see Dr Stephen Ferguson for a live blood test, but kept having excuses. However at this point I thought it was necessary to have one. So I decided to go and visit Dr Stephen Ferguson and he carried out a live blood test. The live blood test revealed that my blood was not clear, which scared me. But Dr Stephen Ferguson put my worries at rest when he assured me that it would get better.  He put me on  8 weeks programme, taking vitamins and food supplements. He also advised me to change my diet, eat mostly natural foods plus add exercising to my daily routine. I made sure I stuck to the programme in order to achieve good results

Half way the programme, there was a massive change in the way I felt, the bloating disappeared, the pain in the upper abdomen was no more. My pulses went down from 50 to 43. At the end of the programme I lost 1.5stones. Before I came to see Dr Stephen Ferguson,  it was difficult to lose weight. But now I am so happy I can lose weight, my acid reflux has completely gone. No more medication and indigestion tablets. I feel like a new person now, all my worries gone.

I came back for another live blood test and this time my blood was better. I still go to   visit  Dr Stephen Ferguson for check up and still taking the vitamins and food supplements. I would recommend everyone out there who has not yet done the live blood test to come and do one at The Natural Health clinic.





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