Dr Stephen Ferguson- I can’t believe I fully recovered from the disability that arthritis had brought to me.

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson because I was not feeling well. Before that I had been diagnosed with severe arthritis which left me with a very bad pain in my knee. The pain became worse and worse  until I decided to go to hospital. Little did I know that I would end up being admitted. While at the hospital, I contracted meningitis and pneumonia, and this made the situation a lot Add Newworse. I became so ill and eventually I went into a coma. I never ever thought that people in a coma are very alive and can hear everything going on in their surroundings. I could hear every single conversation from the doctors and friends and family who had come to visit. I was so upset to hear the doctors talking so negatively about my condition, that I would never be able to walk again, if at all I am lucky enough to come out I will be like cabbage, not normal, or possibly would be brain damaged.  I spent 2 months in coma but fortunately I came out of it. I could not walk, they gave me Zimmer frame, walking stick, crutches. I felt like they didn’t want me to get better. I was so angry at the doctors for all that happened to me, I went to hospital with just a pain but ended up worse off than before. They loaded me with a lot of steroids and other strong medications.

So when I heard about the Natural health Clinic, I decided to come and see Dr Stephen Ferguson for a live blood test. I was put on  8 weeks programme, where I had to take vitamins and food supplements. Dr Stephen Ferguson also advised me to change my diet, eat more healthy as well as regular exercising. After a couple of weeks, I started feeling better, my swollen leg went down and  I was able to walk alone. I felt so good, almost 100 percent depending on where I had come from. My skin was better, all the rash I had developed during the illness had cleared. By the end of the programme, I had lost 2.5stones which was amazing. I was able to use my hands well, was mobile, able to do a lot of things that I could not do in a very long time. Sometimes I thought I was day dreaming or may be in wonderland, but it was the reality. I was on route to getting my life back.

I could not believe the woman who was declared for dead once was actually able to walk and talk and laugh and became independent again. You can never under estimate what just a single step to doing something can actually yield so many good results. In my case it was that first step to visit Dr Stephen Ferguson at the Natural Health Clinic and doing that Live blood test. Miracles do happen, yes and for me Dr Stephen Ferguson is my absolute saviour. He made me believe I could get better and I had to stick to what he had told me to make sure I did.

I am ever so grateful for what Dr Stephen Ferguson did for me and my family. I would recommend each and every one who has visited the natural health clinic to take that first step and do the live blood test, I am sure you would be grateful too.




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