Dr Stephen Ferguson- frustrating high blood pressure treated

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson because I had high blood pressure. I used to have attacks, my vision would fade slowly, lose focus and concentration. This would really frustrate me because whenever I got such symptoms I would become restless and stressed waiting for an attack to happen. I was always very tired; probably the medication was a great contributor to my tiredness. Sometimes I would get sudden dizziness and get flashes in my eyes, terrible nightmare. My breathing changed eventually, I would breath with difficulty. I was not well and I did not feel good within myself. I had to rely on medication to stay on my feet; otherwise I would get an attack. Life became so miserable for me and my family, especially my husband who had to look after the children most of the time when I was not well.


I first heard about Dr Stephen Ferguson on Galaxy radio. While listening to his radio show I realised the he talked about hypertension and the very symptoms that I had. So I decided to come and see him. Oh my God, When Dr Stephen Ferguson did a live blood test, my blood was terrible, it seemed like there were lots of germs feeding on it, it was so toxic. I was even more terrified.


Dr Stephen Ferguson put me on 8 weeks programme where I had to take food supplements and vitamins. While on the programme, I reduced my blood pressure medication. Half way the programme, headaches reduced, the flashes in my eyes stopped. I felt more energy than before. I felt great, I was so happy within myself. I continued taking my vitamins and food supplements and at the end of the programme my blood pressure dropped completely. I even looked different, I looked great, I could not imagine how nice well I felt without my regular medication. I felt better inside out. Everyone was so amazed by the progress I had made. When I came back to see Dr Stephen Ferguson, my live blood was so good, my blood was better this time than before.


I would recommend everyone to come and see Dr Stephen Ferguson at the natural Health Clinic and do a live blood test.


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